Karma Teachers Campaign 30 Day Yoga Challenge Winners!

Hey everyone! Our campaign for Karma Teachers is now complete. All in we raised $780 for my campaign. So far all of our mini-campaigns in the Karma community have raised over $10,000!

That’s so awesome.

We didn’t get to the big prize of giving away a teacher training but it is time to give away all of the other gifts given to the campaign by my sponsors. Thanks sponsors!

Since Foxy and I have been so sick, we had to put off doing the draw until today – I thought the two of us were on the mend enough to make a small video so – Fox drew the names for the winners of each of the 4 weeks in my campaign. Thanks Foxy!

It’s hard to see in the video, but he drew the names out of a big silver bowl. They were all folded up so we couldn’t see which names were on them.

So… drumroll please.. the winners for my 30 day yoga challenge and Karma teachers campaign are as follows:

Haha! Ok that’s:

Week one: The Hastings Sunrise Cooks cookbook and bag: Marg Scott

Hastings Sunrise Cooks | SpiritMAMA Blog Hastings Sunrise Shopping Bag | SpiritMAMA Blog

Week two: The Yoga box from Chéile Skincare: Joyita Ruben 

Cheile Skincare | SpiritMAMA Blog Cheile Skincare Logo | SpiritMAMA Blog

Week three: The Vancouver neighbourhoods goodies from State Creative Group and Joel Fafard album: Jessica Murray

Vancouver Pencils with Flags | SpiritMAMA Blog Joel Fafard Album Cover | SpiritMAMA Blog

Week Four: The mala from Mika Mala: aw my mom, Jude Goodwin

Sea Lioness Mala Close Up from Mika Mala | SpiritMAMA Blog


Thanks so much again to everyone who participated, read my posts and held space for me and this campaign. It’s near to my heart and has meant a lot to the Karma community.

If you haven’t been down to Karma yet and you are in the Vancouver area, please do check it out! They are a diamond in the rough, the new wave of yoga teachers and students and just really lovely people.

Karma Teachers Logo | SpiritMAMA Blog


This is a 33 day campaign. See the last day here.

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