Karma Teachers Campaign Week Four

Happy Family Day in BC! And welcome to Day 22 of my Karma Teachers campaign. Auspiciously, 11 days left, my favourite number. A prefect day to announce my next gift for all you donors (and would be donors). I’m very excited about this gift – it’s so lovely and so aligns with the spirit of this campaign. So I present to you, the Sea Lioness Mala, made by Mika Mala! From her website:

Sea Lioness mala supports you with Courage to deep dive into the watery world of your emotions to uncover the Treasure of your Authentic Truth. She helps you remember who you are Mermaid Goddess; you were born to Breathe Truth & Love into all situations so that you can be Free. Your body is your Temple and you are the Ocean. The mala is strung with 108 – 8mm beads of clear quartz, faceted Brazilian aquamarine, matte Amazonite, white shell, sandalwood, shimmery gold spacer beads and finished with a the MiKA Egyptian Sun Lion.

Just stunning isn’t she?

Sea Lioness Mala from Mika Mala | SpiritMAMA Blog Sea Lioness Mala from Mika Mala | SpiritMAMA Blog

Donate to week 4 of my campaign to be entered to win this lovely mala and other gifts. Remember to donate the full $90 to be entered to win a full scholarship for a 200 hr #YogaAlliance approved #TeacherTraining from Karma Teachers in Vancouver. All donations to go to support Karma Teachers in continuing to provide free yoga in the Downtown Eastside #DTES #Vancouver #VanCity

We have raised $750 so far. Can we kick it up to the next level in the next 11 days? Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate. Link below!


Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

Karma Teachers Logo | SpiritMAMA Blog

This is a 33 day campaign. See the last day here.

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