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The SpiritMAMA blog started two blogs ago, amidst my own postpartum health crisis in 2012. Somewhere in that insanity – 2012 mania and my inner landscape – I built a small altar space on the top of my piano and began praying. Hard. Then, a teacher appeared in my life. This is when things began to change for me.

Since then I have learned so much I keep outgrowing my online self. But that’s what a spiritual jouney is all about right?

SpiritMAMA has evolved once more. I’ve moved over to Gifts for Mystics at the Mystics blog.

Won’t you join me?


Read more about the move here.


About Sky Bray

Student, initiate & practitioner of folk medicine and magical paths from Indian (Yoga), Norse to Celtic to Peruvian to Old British (Traditional Witchcraft) – hailing from Scottish, Cornish & British ancestors. In practice since 2012 and formal training for the last 6 years.

The Past

A punk-rock street kid and then a DJ. On a heroine’s quest to heal from a (previous) lifetime(s) of too many late nights and not enough food.

A SpiritMAMA

A mum raising small pagans inside the seasons and cycles of nature, teaching kids to love the earth and care about the world around them.

The Present

Welcome to this little oasis deep in the enchanted forest, where I share cool stuff in the esoteric, mystical and magical realms – art, music, fashion, people, culture – and document my ongoing studies in the folkloric, esoteric. occult & arcane.


Yoga Teacher Training – 250 Hr

Certification, 200 hr
Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Yogic philosophy study.
Karma Teachers
Yin Yoga. Jolene Bayla Savior Yoga.
Certification 50 hr.

White Bone Shamanic Arts

2015 – 2018
Initiate, 3rd year, Celtic Shamanism
The White Bone Shamanic Arts Apprenticeship is a year-long immersion (with optional additional years) into a shamanic medicine path for human development, and spiritual growth, empowerment, and healing. Like the colour white which contains all the colours of the rainbow, and the indestructible bones of the soul, the White Bone path is a global weaving with its roots in the ancient Irish and Celtic cosmologies of the Triple Medicine Spiral, the Four Airts (directions), and the Four Gateways (seasonal festivals).

Folk Medicine Practitioner Training


Angela Prider. Westcoast Shamanic

Spiritwalk Retreats

The Medicine Wheel is a cross-cultural ancient cycle of learning and healing. It is a process by which we learn teachings, practices and tools that bring us into ayni, a Quechuan term that means balance, reciprocity, right relationship and joy.

Vancouver Hospice Society

Hospice Volunteer Training
30 hour hospice-volunteer training, to be able to attend to people nearing the end of life at bedside and out in the community through Home Hospice Vancouver.

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Working with the Land

              My morning ride. This little duck pond surrounded by trees and trails is the closest I can get to a forest in the inner city. Since my Vision Quest I have been visiting every week, leaving offerings, sitting still, watching the birds, bugs, trees.

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