The Fairy Faith Documentary

Happy Mabon season my friends! Happy flu season. Seems everyone around me is sick at the moment. Have the flu myself today, this morning I sat down to rest and watch this lovely film that came across my desk. It really is quite beguiling. Some breathtakingly beautiful music and shots of fairy glens and mounds in Ireland and Scotland, the home of my ancestors.

Shot and directed by one of Canada’s celebrated documentary filmmakers John Walker, this little film is well worth the watch and watch again. I especially love the return to the old stories of fairies as being rather dark, and not necessarily friendly to humans. The idea that other beings live here along side of us, but have nothing much else to do with us, has always intrigued me. Another race of spirit beings perhaps, that is infinitely more connected to the land than we are, or perhaps even part of the land in an intrinsic way. Maybe the personification of nature in all of its wildness, raw beauty and unpredictability.

Check out the story at the end in particular, told by the construction worker – I laughed out loud it was so astonishing. And hey, bonus interview with Brian Froud, a real treat!

The Fairy Faith (200) at IMDb 

This version hosted on Youtube got taken down due to a copyright claim. Want a copy? Click the image to be taken to Amazon.

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