Dream Journal: Out of Body in Another Place

 May 27, 2006 – Afternoon
Lucid Dream – O.B.E


I fell asleep on the way back from a tour in Scotland. I was in the tour van. The rest of the band went on a 15 minute break at a rest stop I stayed in the van and fell asleep on my right side across the van’s back seats. I fell asleep with a t-shirt over my face.

The Dream

I woke to find myself looking at my body sleeping. I was sitting up on my knees to the left hand side of my body. I sensed that there was a ‘male’ presence right behind me with his hands on both my shoulders. I got kind of freaked out and somehow went back into my body. My eyes were open now but I was paralyzed and couldn’t move my heavy, heavy feeling body. I could only move my eyes around. The t-shirt was on my face. I could only see a sliver through the side. I could see up to the window with the sun shining through. I couldn’t even move my arms to move the t-shirt to better my view.

I could hear a ‘whooshing’ sound in the van and a whirring sound. Then a slithering sound and I was quite sure that the metal tentacle or ‘snake like creature’ (see Lucid Dream entry Sleep Paralysis, 52 and Alien Robots) was in the van moving around. I struggled to see if the creature was in the van but I could only see my narrow view through the side of the t-shirt covering my face. I saw no creature in my view-point but I could hear it as clear as anything. Then all of a sudden I felt myself being pulled to the floor of the van. It was like a very strange gravity. I slid down off the seat onto the floor.

I remember thinking, ‘Ew gross, I don’t wanna be on this floor, so much garbage and spilt beer, it’s sticky!’

Out of Body | SpiritMAMA BlogBut then I looked back up and saw my body sleeping and I realized that I wouldn’t get dirty because it wasn’t my real body touching the floor. Then I was back in my body again. My eyes opened again, still with the same view as my s-shirt was still on my face. I started to hear very clear and loud electrical clicks and buzzes. And then a conversation between two men. It sounded like a CB radio conversation. It felt like it pertained to me in some way and that they were somehow linked to the metal snake creature. I then left my body again upwards this time and hit the roof of the van and bounced back down to my body. I opened my eyes again to see the van window and sunlight. I was aware and not afraid and decided to tune in and out of this state to prove a point to myself. Was I hearing these sounds outside the van in reality? Were they effecting my dream? I started to tune in and out. Waking up and then going back into the state. When I woke up still paralyzed, heavy and groggy I heard absolutely no sound from my environment. When I tuned back into the other state, I clearly heard electrical buzzes and clicks and whirls, static electricity sounds and two men conversing as if on CB radio. I still can’t recall what they were saying. They had English accents though.

I continued to go back and forth between waking and dream states about six times, maybe more. And each time the sound was cut out when I opened my eyes and then went back on when I closed them. My mind felt active and I felt astonished. As if I was able to tune in and out of two different dimensions. It felt like two completely different worlds. My real world felt quiet and fixed and still and the other one I was ‘tuning’ into was hyper real, electric, buzzing, alive, crackling, mechanical, unpredictable, active and full of information. Reality, upon awakening fully, felt slow, slumber-some and a somewhat ‘lobotomized’ version of the other dimension I tuned into.

I found this dream state experience very bizarre because I was sleeping in a van in broad daylight. It usually happens when I’m at home in bed. I estimate my experience must have lasted approximately 8-10 minutes. The rest stop break was 15 minutes long. I awoke and then about 2 minutes later the rest of the band came back to the van.

Tree Carr Bio Pic | SpiritMAMA BlogTree Carr is a London-based filmmaker, musician and lucid dreamer. She looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journalling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and OBEs for 20 years.
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