Karma Teachers Campaign Week Three

I thought I’d publish my campaign video here in case people aren’t clicking through to the actual campaign page. Plus hi! It’s always interesting I think, to ‘see’ the people behind the writing in the blogosphere.

I’m raising $3000 in the next 33 days, to benefit Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation. This non-profit yoga college and studio, located near Main and Hastings in Vancouver BC, is not your usual spa-like yoga studio. More like an ashram, it’s run by volunteers and devotees of yoga. It’s the first of its kind, offering a full schedule of daily free or by donation yoga classes and full and partial scholarships for yoga teacher training.

I graduated from Karma this past spring. The training was stellar with excellent teachers and weekly mentors from around the yoga community in the lower mainland. I volunteered for 6 months at the studio as well and I can tell you, Karma is the real deal. They work from the heart. Their mission, true to the original teachings of yoga, is to serve the community.

Donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into weekly draws for lovely free gifts and a free 200 hour Karma Teachers, #YogaAlliance approved, #TeacherTraining!

Yes, if we reach our goal, I am giving away a teacher training worth $3500!

Check out my campaign page at the link below for more info and to donate. I just need one of you to donate to my campaign today. Just one! Who’s gonna be my change-hero today? Help me help Karma to continue to provide free yoga in the Downtown Eastside! https://karmateachers.changeheroes.com/c/sky-goodwins-karmateachers/#/

Karma Teachers Logo | SpiritMAMA Blog

This is a 33 day campaign. See the last day here. See the next day here.

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