Welcome to the New Gifts for Mystics – new home of SpiritMAMA

Greetings from the new home of SpiritMAMA! Gifts started as a little light-bulb in my head one day while listening to my favourite occult podcast, Rune Soup. I wanted a place where I could store all if the inspirations I was getting on my path of witchcraft and wizardry! (yes, I live at Hogwarts in … Continue reading Welcome to the New Gifts for Mystics – new home of SpiritMAMA

The South: Skin Shedding and Recapitulation

I'm posting this - an excerpt from my old blog - as a reminder of how far I have come. I love my quirky self. I have battled for a long time to get back to sanity and have my feet back on the ground. Post-partum depression, Graves' Disease, chronic sleep deprivation - these are … Continue reading The South: Skin Shedding and Recapitulation

Reclaiming Narnia: Walking Trees, Talking Beasts, Divine Waters

May 28, 2015

I love this so much. Narnia has been my happy-place since I was little. And now I unapologetically smother my child with it 🙂 I have to say though, I never read The Last Battle. And now I don’t l think I ever will.


By Jonathan Woolley

stock__narnian_lamppost_by_elfhorse-d3duaza Image by Skullb3at

I – Radical Voices from the Lantern Waste – Opinions That Won’t Be Chronicled by Prof. Lewis.

“Narnia is a realm dominated by one voice – the roaring caterwauling of Aslan of the East. He has cried out many times in our history, drowning out all other truths. Sometimes in love, sometimes in anger. Sometimes with great cause. But only ever when it has suited him.”

“There is a deep magic, unknown to most. There is a deeper magic, unknown even to the wise. Then there is the deepest magic – known to everyone.”

“Aslan, or the White Witch? The messianic agent of some foreign emperor, or some despot from a dead world? Are those our only choices?!”

“Susan was the best of them, really. The High King was never here; more interested in fighting foreign wars and chasing valour than government. Edmund was…

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