Etsy Love Fest: Narnia

I heart Etsy. Not that I endorse consumer culture overly much, but I do love artists and crafty-people. And a lot of folks on Etsy are moms making it work. I’m happy to support.

If you’re gonna buy, to the best of your abilities, buy second-hand, local, handmade or mom and pop. (In other words, avoid community destroying big box stores and socially un-conscious, environment killing corporations.) That’s my motto.

This week Fox and I finished the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe for the second time. All the better this time round because he’s older and gets a lot more of the story. I have officially created a new fan of Aslan. All is right in the world of parenting.

I won’t hide it – Narnia is my happy place.

Narnia inspired jewels

Necklace Ruins of Cair Paravel | SpiritMAMA Blog Copper Earrings | SpiritMAMA Blog

Silver Fox Clip | SpiritMAMA Blog Celestial Fox Pendant | SpiritMAMA Blog

Winter Branch Necklace | SpiritMAMA Blog Narnia Lucy and Mr Tumnus Necklace | SpiritMAMA Blog Sterling Silver Pan Flute | SpiritMAMA Blog Lucy and Lamp-Post Necklace | SpiritMAMA BlogCS Lewis Narnia Bracelet | SpiritMAMA Blog

At home..

Narnia Map Pillow Cover | SpiritMAMA Blog  Pauline Baynes Print | SpiritMAMA BlogWriter's Block: C.S. Lewis | SpiritMAMA Blog    Narnia Print | SpiritMAMA BlogJam Jar Candle | SpiritMAMA Blog Narnia Outdoor Yard Sign | SpiritMAMA Blog

For the kiddies

Narnia StoryPegs | SpiritMAMA Blog SWORD Set | SpiritMAMA Blog Aslan Wall Decal | SpiritMAMA Blog

Turkish Delight | SpiritMAMA Blog
Home-made Turkish Delight?!

And for me

Valiant Heart Oil | SpiritMAMA Blog The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Clutch Bag | SpiritMAMA Blog Aslan iPad Case | SpiritMAMA Blog Narnia Keyring | SpiritMAMA BlogLion Galaxy Scarf | SpiritMAMA Blog Narnia Map Scarf | SpiritMAMA Blog Courage Dear Heart T-Shirt | SpiritMAMA Blog

Golden Lion Heirloom Chest | SpiritMAMA Blog

Oh my!

Faun Costume | SpiritMAMA Blog

CS Lewis Quote | SpiritMAMA Blog

2 thoughts on “Etsy Love Fest: Narnia

  1. Oh, this is amazing! My aunt bought me the full set of books when I was nine and I blew through them. They were my gateway drug to all things fantasy and geekydom itself. I love the products you showcased here. Awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks love to hear it 🙂 I also read these when I was small, then again in highschool. I still have the box set I had then. And man, they are still just as good as I remember. So fun to read them now to little ones. (I still cried when Aslan was put on the stone table).


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