The Shaman’s Journey: Nine Worlds

I love this installation. It really creeps me out, in a good way.

I had posted this on my other blog years ago, before doing any journey work myself. Interesting to see it now and have a different perspective on it. I find it decidedly less creepy now. I love the way it starts out eery and grey and ends up green and colourful, like we’ve just been taken on a journey that had a happy ending. It really speaks to me of the shaman’s connection with the unseen.

“Nine Worlds,” a film from the multimedia installation “The Shaman’s Journey” by Thomas Ross Miller, in the exhibition Siberian Shamans, Linden State Museum of Ethnology, Stuttgart, Germany (December 2008-June 2009).
Director: Thomas Ross Miller, Curatorial Consulting (New York, USA)
Video Producer: Craig Campbell, Metafactory Studio (Edmonton, Canada)
Assistant Video Producer: Aaron Munson (Edmonton)
Sound Mix: John Hudak (New York)
Exibition Curator: Erich Kasten (Berlin)

2 thoughts on “The Shaman’s Journey: Nine Worlds

  1. Wow! This was totally transfixing. Just catching up on some of your postings. Ever since I saw films of Siberia I have always wanted to go there. Something about it that speaks deeply to me. Maybe it’s just the raw, primal beauty of it.

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