Dream Journal: You Are a Dragon

Lucid Dream
August 2011

I was in a valley surrounded by mountains. The terrain appeared to be dry and desert-like. I was walking in the valley talking in the views and as I walked, I could see a lake at the lowest point of the valley. A round blue lake at the bottom of the bowl of the valley.

There were people around. All various ages and ethnicities. They were walking down to the lake. Some people were already at the edge of the lake and some people were in the lake. They all seemed peaceful. They moved slowly like they were going to the lake for a purpose. It wasn’t to swim and it wasn’t for recreation. It was like they were called to the lake. It was like they were sleep walking. They weren’t swimming or wading in the water. They were just silently standing.

As I approached the lake, I saw a middle-aged man about late 50’s. He had glasses on, he had brown hair and was balding, like a prominent receding hairline. He was dressed in a light blue checked button up shirt and taupe coloured trousers. He looked like a science teacher or an I.T guy. He motioned me to the water. I approached him. He was standing in the water. I walked into the lake and towards him. He reached out his hands and he took me by my shoulders, each of his hands on my two shoulders. He firmly took hold of me and looked me straight in the eyes and said to me:

Tree Carr Lucid Dream | SpiritMAMA BlogYou are a dragon.

As soon as he said these words an orgasmic wave took hold of my body. A very intense orgasm that woke me up from the dream. As I jolted awake with it, I heard the words:

Sha – Shu – Ah

That’s how it sounded.
I was completely astonished!



Tree Carr Bio Pic | SpiritMAMA BlogTree Carr is a London-based filmmaker, musician and lucid dreamer. She looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self-exploration, healing and personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journalling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and O.B.Es for over 20 years.

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