Dream Journal: Sleep Paralysis, 52 and Alien Robots

Tree Carr Dream Journal May 2016 | SpiritMAMA Blog

This entry is part of a series by London-based filmmaker Tree Carr.

Around March 6, 2006

I was having a lucid dream. Very detailed and in technicolour.

I was in a huge house or castle. My mother was with me. We looked at some weird little pumpkin dolls on a table that had weird little pumpkin faces that were meant to be toys for children. The faces were squished and with big protruding eyes and lots of gnarly teeth.

Then I realised I was dreaming.

Zap! I was laying in bed. My eyes started to flutter. They were closed but blinking. It felt electric. I was aware that I was awake and laying on my back. My eyes blinked and fluttered for about 30 seconds. I felt aware of a presence in the room and that it had something to do with my eyes blinking like crazy. Somehow controlling it. After about 30 seconds, my eyes abruptly opened.

Tree Carr Tentacles | SpiritMAMA BlogEverything looked black and white or muted somehow, not in technicolour like my lucid dream before. I felt paralysed on my back and couldn’t move. Then I saw a creature above me. It looked like tentacles. It had swirling long arms like an octopus or squid. But it didn’t have a body. It was flying above me and its tentacles, I recall about three of them, were greyish. They didn’t look like flesh or tissue. They looked more mechanical. Like a robotic tentacle, with joints and a metallic surface.

These robotic tentacles tapered to a point at the end. I was paralyzed watching this thing as one of its tentacles went down into my abdomen, just left of my belly button. It felt like it went into me. My whole body jolted and I started convulsing, like a seizure. It felt like the tentacle was electrocuting me.

I saw my left arm reaching up. It was up in the air like it was being raised without my control and it felt like it was being sucked up into the air. It was convulsing like crazy and the tentacle was still embedded in my abdomen. As I was convulsing I could audibly hear my own voice making a weird sound or language. It was like ‘eye-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya’. Very sharp and staccato. Maybe the sound one would make when they are being electrocuted. Then I had a sense that the tentacle was making me say this nonsense, kind of like talking through me.

I was scared shitless. I looked over beside me and saw Adam. It looked like there was some kind of box over top of him, or something over him so he couldn’t hear me. My arm was still in the air.

I was still convulsing and saying this weird gibberish and then EUREKA! I started screaming ’52’ very loudly. I kept repeating it, yelling, screaming. It felt as though I understood something, as if the tentacle was feeding me some kind of information and I was spewing out all this weird gibberish and then my brain went ‘click’ and ’52’ was at the answer.

The tentacle released itself from my stomach. My arm lowered. I was trying to get Adam’s attention. I was yelling ’52’ to him so that he would know. I was trying to tell him, “’52’! You must know. Please remember.”

When I clicked out of the yelling ’52’ mode, which I think I yelled about 7 or 8 times? I started to yell for help.

I was yelling ‘Help, Help, Help!’ when finally Adam woke me up.

I felt very, very strange. The strangest yet of all of my sleep paralysis experiences.

I was perplexed, disturbed slightly. I felt that ’52’ meant something. Such a strong impression. Such strong physical sensation and mental clarity.

Tree Carr Bio Pic | SpiritMAMA BlogTree Carr is a London based filmmaker, musician and lucid dreamer. She looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journalling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and OBEs for 20 years.
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