Karma Yoga Challenge Week 3 – Win Vancouver Neighbourhoods Goodies and the New Joel Fafard Album

Good morning. Day 18 ya’ll. This morning I had a nice long #meditation session. This is also #yoga!

As promised here are the gifts for the Karma Teachers Week 3 draw.

This week I have a couple of different things from friends. First off, from my friend Cathy at State Creative Group​, a sample bag of goodies from her newest project, The Vancouver Shop. From the website:

The Vancouver Neighbourhoods Project is a collection of logos designed to showcase all the distinct neighbourhoods and communities that make up our pretty city. The products we create for the Vancouver Shop are based on those designs.

Vancouver Shop Poster | SpiritMAMA Blog  Vancouver Pencils with Flags | SpiritMAMA Blog

Next, a new album by Joel Fafard​!

He’s an award-winning guitarist who performs Southern roots and blues classics with the soul of a purist and the showmanship of a seasoned entertainer. And when he lets rip a solo on his resonator guitar, it’s easy to hear how he once earned both a Juno nomination and a Western Canadian Music Award.

And he’s a super nice guy on top of all of that. His lovely wife, accomplished artist Megan Mansbridge​ painted the cover for this. I love it! I have two copies of this to give away.

Joel Fafard Album Cover | SpiritMAMA Blog  Joel Fafard Album Cover | SpiritMAMA Blog

Don’t forget to donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into draws for lovely free gifts.

And remember, if you donate the full $90 you will be entered to win a full #scholarship for a 200 hour Karma Teachers, #YogaAlliance approved, #TeacherTraining! Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate today.

I just need one of you to donate today! Just one. Who’s it gonna be? Help me help Karma to continue to provide free yoga and a safe place to be in the downtown Eastside #DTES #yoga #vancouver #karma #yogateachertraining #winfreestuff

Here’s my campaign page link https://karmateachers.changeheroes.com/c/sky-goodwins-karmateachers/#/

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